style resolution

I used to make New Year's resolutions at the beginning of each year, such as.. become a morning person (never happened), read more books and less internet (again..), or eat less sugar (...). So I decided not to make any and go with the flow this year. However, I have a style resolution. It's almost same as last year but my style resolution is..
--- Quality over Quantity ---
The older I get, the more I love simplicity, less material and better quality. It doesn't mean expensive stuff and can be low price vintage finds. The illustration I made is the images from Totokaelo and I'm obsessed with the items they carry and amazing styling. Such an eye candy! Have you made your New Year's resolution? 

毎年新年になると抱負を立ててたけど(朝型人間になるとか、ネットより本を読むだとか砂糖を控えるだとか。どれも続かず...)今年は特に何も決めずにいこうかと思ってます。けどファッションに関しては一つ、昨年とあまり変わらないけど “量より質”。より物を少なく長く使える質の良い物で生活していきたい。もちろん高ければいいと言う意味ではなくビンテージで安く見つけた物でも◎。 イラストに描いたのはお気に入りのサイトTotokaeloのスタイルから。AcneやMMM等最近気になるブランドを扱っていてスタイリングも素敵。中々買えるサイトではないけど目の保養に♥

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Thank you so much for your support :)


Mei めい said...

Love your illustration :D
I want a nice quality fashion items but they're so expensive T_T I currently love Joyrich so much :D
Happy new year :D


Emily Tang said...

hmm I agree quality than quantity
low price item can be quality too especially during warehouse sales ^^

would you like to follow each other?
Gfc / google plus: http://sunrise-emily.blogspot.com
Please, let me know! ;)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

You are such an incredible artist! Your drawing is simple but full with character! As I have already told you, that far right one with thr coat and booties is so me! ❤️

Ayesha Ahmad said...

Quality of quantity is a good thought if you are out of college. My main thing for college was get clothes that tear in 1 semester :P

Defining Me

absolutely average said...

Love that resolution! I feel the same :)


Carmen said...

I have had the same resolution for a while but didn´t really manage to make it come true. This year however I will definitely think before buying and check out more high quality stores :) Let´s hope we can make this :D

Am2Pm Chic said...

Really nice illustration, love it.