Here's a 2013 daily/weekly planner my friend gave it to me for my early birthday present. It's not only stylish, but very easy to use- I love it. It made me realize there are only two months left in 2012. I'll move out here at the end of this month, so what I want to do by then is to.. get rid of as much stuff as possible..!

少し早いお誕生日プレゼントに友達からスケジュール帳をもらいました。かわいい上に使いやすそうでとってもお気に入り☆ 2013年のスケジュール帳を見てふっと今年も後2ヶ月を切ってる事に気づいた私。今月末で引っ越す事になったので、とりあえずそれまでにもっと沢山の物を処分しよう。。!

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Thank you so much for your support :)


Barbara vanessa said...

love the nail polish colors,and the planner is very fab (: xx

Anouka said...

A beautiful planner. Would have loved to see the inside layout! I'm a bit obsessed with planners. Sometimes I buy several new ones before deciding which one to use for a year.

Linda Famularcano said...

Very chic planner! (^_^) x


P.S. Now following you on Bloglovin ;)

Ellie said...

Such a pretty planner! If my planner is pretty, I'm more likely to use it frequently!

x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

Bridgette Nicole said...

Ok I LOVE your planner!!! I love black and white stripes sooo much! Happy Early Birthday to you!! I am your newest follower, love your blog! :)

gretch said...

I love the cover design of the planner! I hope you'de given us a sneak peek on what the inside is like :P

febrina utami putri said...

what a lovely daily agenda your friend gave you! i really to buy some of those too :)

Count To Four said...

such a cute planner!


Arisa Mameda said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!
I didn't even expect to see Japanese on my blog so I'm happy! lol You look amazing! Love your blog!
Why don't we follow each other? :D


♥ Natalie said...

Hey (: Thank you so much for your comment! Really appreciate it <3
I like your blog! And you are so pretty o:
I'm a new follower!


Fai said...

I love black and white of everything!

C. and S. said...

Beautiful Agenda!

I'm your follower on GFC (492).
Hope you'll do the same!

Gigi said...

The cover of the planner is pretty <3


Stephanie Lin said...

That planner does indeed look stylish! I use the Moleskin planner, but I'm looking for a new one next year. I definitely need to check out this line!

life is style said...

so cute :)

kristina said...

oh you're moving?! i hope not too far, moving is rough isn't it? i love your striped planner + nail lacquer, happy early birthday to you akiko :) :) xo