spring storm

We are having a spring storm again here in Japan, and watching forecast on TV. The photos were taken earlier when the weather was nice and warm :)
                        1. My first floral wedges
                        2. Only cherry blossom tree bloomed in Kamakura reien. It'll be in full bloom soon.
                        3. My favorite japanese model, Kiko mizuhara
                        4. Pretty french bakery in Kamakura. Love japanese bakery!

                        1. 地元のお店で見つけた花柄のウェッジサンダル
                        2. 寒い鎌倉霊園はまだ他は1つも花をつけてなかったのに1本だけ満開だった桜。
                        3. 日本のお気に入りモデル、水原希子
                        4. 鎌倉のかわいいパン屋さん。日本のパン屋さん大好き!

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
Thank you so much for your support :)


Cátia Rodrigues said...

Oh, I love the first shoes!

weeanah said...

they are really beautiful photos! x

bulbulvish said...

lovely wedges...lovely blog..!!

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog..:)
you mentioned you're following me..but i couldn't see you ..!!
mind following each other?!


Laura said...

Love the wedges!

ねこちゃん said...

wuaaaaah すごいきれい~~ everything looks gorgeous and the wedges are really kawaii :)

Lisa N said...

Those pastries look delectable! Japan and California? You really have the best of both worlds! Thanks again for your wonderful comment on my blog. Following you now :)


Nicola McLaughlin said...

This is so summery, I love it!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I am now following you and would love you to follow me too!


adthenshesmiled said...

Those wedges are so cute! The pastries looks so delicious too!

kristina said...

hi akiko! i love this photo sequence! cherry and plum blossom trees are my favorite and i LOVE your new floral wedges!! kamakura is just beautiful, so peaceful - i had some really yummy noodles there when it was storming out. hope you're having a wonderful trip back home, wish i was in japan right now ;) ;)

Shoko said...

Amazing - all of it! The flowers, the colors, the shoes, the dessert - love everything!

Marina said...

awesome pics. the shoes are amazing <3

x Marina


Josie said...

Hello Akiko!

I love those wedges you bought! How exciting, your first ones!

And that bakery looks so cool! The food looks yummy!

- Josie :: http://8bitgrayscale.blogspot.com

my thrifty closet said...

Such beautiful pictures, Akiko...Thank you for dropping by my blog. I like your blog a lot...the photos, illustrations and your subtly chic style is lovely. I like the Japanese culture and design. So I am following you!


my thrifty closet said...

by the way, when I click on your icon, it doesn't link to your blog. I think it maybe due to the privacy setting of your blog. Check it out. And Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

The wedges are awesome. Love the cherry blossoms! I made it my wallpaper on my phone :)) Hope ur having fun in Japan! JShim

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

Great blog and style! I love the photos!
Thank you for your commment. Would you like to follow each other?

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FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

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REESHELL said...

everything so cuuute! i still love your blog!!

Jessille said...

wow...very beautifulphotos,,,i love the shoes and the sakura:)
btw lets follow each other

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

Hi :-)
I follow you now:-) If you can follow me too:-)

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Akiko said...

Thank you all for comments! @ Lisa N, These were taken in Japan! @ my thrifty closet, Thank you so much for letting me know. Ever since I got in Japan, my blog address changed to .jp .. I think that's the reason.

Akiko said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you :) Hope all is good with you and see you when I get back!

Emily said...

Those pics are awesome! Especially love the shoes!!!