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I've found many inspiring blogs especially after I started this blog, and realized once again how much I love food photographs. Simply Breakfast is one of my favorite blogs. It posts only breakfast photos and because I love her blog so much, it made me draw one of her photos. I know her picture looks much better than drawing.. but here it is.

このブログを初めてから素敵なブログを沢山見つけたけど、特に食べ物の写真が好きな事を再認識。Simply Breakfast はお気に入りのフードブログの1つ。朝食の写真のみを載せてるブログで、彼女の写真が大好きなのでイラストに描いてみました。写真のが全然良いけれど、折角描いたので載せてみますー

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
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Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great post as always!

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Joanne said...

Thank you for stopping by :) You have GREAT blog! :)


Chilly Chick said...

thank you for your sweet comment :)
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Denise Pacurar said...

Love her blog!!

XOXO – Denise


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hello, Friday said...

Such a pretty drawing. Breakfast, well, Brunch completes everything I want in food; little savory(Bacon, potato), coffee, fresh squeezed juice, fruit, sweets(waffle and syrup)...everything.


Bruce said...

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kristina@beancakes ★ said...

hi akiko!! wow ~ another akiko original! i just love this piece of artwork! and i have to agree with you that simply breakfast is a great food blog isn't it? and as you know, i just love food like you!! thanks for your support as always my friend and i wish you a great week ahead!! ;) ;)
xoxo ~ kristina

The New Girl In Town said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!
You have a nice blog;).

xx Laura

Lady Moriarty said...

Thanks for sharing, this looks great !

See U !

DailyGlamour said...

thanks sweety for your visit !Great post

Steffen said...

wow, lovely blog! :)


LDM said...

so cute! i love all your work.

xx from hong kong :)

blondehaus said...

oh my gosh YUM!


Jess said...

Love the concept of that blog - I'll defs be checking it out

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Your breakfast looks delicious and the illustration is lovely!

Carmen said...

grest blog my dear!

please look also at mine and become a friend :)

XO Carmen,

Marella said...

Seems soooo yummy!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

photos of food always turn out so great! now i want to eat crepes.

emilie said...

I love that blog too! I've been following it for a while. Simplicity at its best!

Your picture is really cute!


Ohne Musik said...

Hey there!
Thank you for your lovely comment!
I've added a Translation-Button on my Blog - so now you can translate it. I know that the translations are not perfect but I think you will be able to understand what I am talking about!

<3 Christina http://ohnemusik.com/

Bad Joan said...

Breakfast is great ritual to capture.


Alyssa said...

Great illustration!

THE CHEAP said...

Ooo you'd love Spoon Fork Bacon too...http://spoonforkbacon.com/

it's amazing....