two crochet tops

These two crochet tops from abercrombie & fitch has been in my closet for about six years and I haven't worn it for a long time. I always knew I have it but never even put it on. It's nice to wear it again after having so many years and glad I hadn't given to goodwill along with many other clothes.

かなり前にアバクロで買ったトップ。もう6年位ずっとクローゼットで眠ったままだったけどこないだ久しぶりに着てみました。 何度かグッドウィルに寄付しようかと思ったけどお気に入りだったのでずっとそのままに。取っておいてよかった!

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rae said...

it is always funny to find clothes later that you may have had for years and to figure out finally how you want to wear it. that's why i am always scared to give clothes away even if i do not like them at the moment, bcos i could always find a purpose for them later!

chantilly said...

i really love the brown one! i actually am always trying to find cropped tops like these to wear under dresses & tank tops. you look great! xo

Beckerman Girls said...

Crochet tops rock the world!!! Love the color babe!!! Great pieces!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


akiko said...

Thank you for the comments :) @ rae, I know. it's always good to find clothes later!
@ chantilly, oh that's good idea to wear under dresses too, isn't it? Thank you for the idea :)

akiko said...

@Beckerman Girls, Thank you:) I love your photos too. just followed!

Britt+Whit said...

Super cute tops. I'm a big fan of the cropped cardigan and the pink one looks great on you!


Britt + Whit

Lee Oliveira said...

Both of them are very pretty.. love the brown one!
lee x